Andrea from Yoga Unite has been practising yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2010. She has trained intensively with various teachers and in many styles, including training with John Olgivie at Byron Yoga. In 2012 she began teaching and training with Sue-ellen Kohler at Black Lotus Yoga Studios In Enmore, now having moved to Marrickville and has been training with Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Peter Thomson since 2013.

Yoga practised with mindful application and deliberate conscious effort slows us down enough to be able to feel deep patterns conditioning our actions. These holding patterns can lead to system imbalance, congestion and dis-ease. Yoga offers a scientific and creative pathway that leads to balance and space in our bodies, minds and lives. You don’t have to be fit, strong, relaxed or even flexible to do yoga although you may end up that way!

The yoga practice is a constant source of inspiration, nourishment and creativity along with the physical, emotional and psychological benefits which Andrea loves to share with her students and is excited to be teaching at the Timbermill Yoga Studio.

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Morning Yoga Class