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Submissions are OPEN for 2023

Want to exhibit in our unique gallery space? With cafe foot traffic, surrounded by a community of supportive artists the Timbermill Gallery is open for submissions in 2023.

Timbermill Extravaganza

8-9 December 2018
The Timbermill is having an “Open studio” weekend and you’re invited. The event is called the Timbermill Extravaganza! An open weekend for the public to come in and see what the artists have been up to.

Illuminate Art Exhibition - Timbermill Studios

Illuminate Art Exhibition

15 November 2018
An exhibition to shed a light on mental illness using various mediums of art. Bring your kids, tell your family and friends, and come and enjoy a great community event that is for a great cause.

Storm Exhibition - Margaret Mylott

Storm Exhibition – Margaret Mylott

22 November 2018
These Illawarra storm scenes illuminate the wildness of nature and reveal how its elemental forces evoke excitement, inviting us to leave the safety of our own comfortable, familiar shores. 22 Nov – 2 Dec 2018.

Save the date! The Timbermill Studios Artists are showcasing at Wollongong City Gallery

9 November 2018
Opening night! Come down to Wollongong for some terrific art from our in-house artists who are showcasing their immense and multi-award winning talents at the Wollongong City Gallery.

Bod Pilates at the Timbermill Studios

Pilates Arrives at the Timbermill Studios

We welcome a fabulous new tenant to the Timbermill Studio, Pilates instructor Kristi Bray. Pilates works on every single muscle in the body. The benefits are amazing especially post baby. It is a great form of exercise to strengthen your core and to improve tone, flexibility and posture.

Bats For Will

Thank you to everybody involved in the Timbermill Bats for Will charity auction. It was a fantastic turnout with all funds raised for Willo Industries. We’re truly grateful to have been involved.

Green Caffeen

Timbermill Cafe Supports Green Caffeen

Timbermill Cafe is happy to support two local stay-at-home Dads who have come up with a brilliant idea. Green Caffeen. Download the app and start using reusable takeaway coffee cups. Use your cup, (take it home, to the moon, all good) afterward drop it off to...
Movelife Yoga

Yoga at the Timbermill has arrived

Yoga is at the Timbermill! Take time out from the busyness of life to Breathe, Flow and Connect. Movelife are so excited to now be offering Yoga classes at the Timbermill Studios in Bulli and we would love for you to come along and join us. When you join in any of our...
Timbermill Cafe Bulli NSW 2516

The Timbermill Cafe is Open!

They have arrived! - and the invitation is open. Come and help celebrate our newest exciting addition to the Timbermill Studios; The Timbermill Cafe. The same creators, head chef and staff of Thirroul's famous Jose Jones Restaurant & Bar are setting up to deliver...

Timbermill Studios

The Timbermill Studios is the go-to place to hold events for the community, business and the arts. We host everything from charity auctions to community meetings to record fairs. Get in touch with us here for more details.

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