Storm Exhibition – Illawarra Storm Scenes

Storm Exhibition
Illawarra Storm Scenes

Will Clarke - Bats For Will at Timbermill Studios, Bulli 2516
I have always felt emotionally affected by nature’s elements. We all do! But sometimes the expected changes are taken for granted. Sometimes these changes can slip in and out so gradually that they’re not really noticed. But not in the event of a storm! No-one can deny the effects of a storm!

These Illawarra storm scenes illuminate the wildness of nature and reveal how its elemental forces evoke excitement, inviting us to leave the safety of our own comfortable, familiar shores.

• Exhibited and commissioned in Sydney, the Central Coast, the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra.
• Director and curator of Blackwattle Art Gallery in Glebe, Sydney
• Art Teacher

• Diploma in Visual Art
• BA in Fine Art, Charles Sturt University.
• Diploma In Education (Visual Art) Wollongong University

Timber Mill Studios

I’ve been painting for a long time, but that’s been dotted with many intervals. Studying, traveling, teaching, and illness. However It’s like I’m moving in circles that always return to painting. This is considered by many artist to be a curse, because it’s a driving force that won’t let you go, your work is never finished. 

I guess in some ways it’s like a marriage. However, currently I’m much more affectionate to my long term love. And much happier just being alone with it. 
Actually, I feel that I’ve arrived at devotion. It’s nice, comfortable and we’re usually much kinder to each other these days. Gone are the torched artist days. 
I pride balance I’m my work, for example in music, it’s usually obvious to most when a wrong note is hit, visually the smallest incorrectly balanced mark is disturbing to me. Well maybe there’s still a bit of torchering lol. No, but really it’s more like a friendly dialogue. 

This particular body of work is very close to my heart, because my father who was a professional fisherman is no longer with us. So when I look to the sea, especially during a storm I feel fraught with a deep sense of longing. 
So I hope these works find a place not only on walls but in hearts too. 
Hoping to see you at the exhibition

Kind regards 
Margaret Mylott 

Margaret Mylott Art

Storm Exhibition – Illawarra Storm Scenes

Storm Exhibition
Illawarra Storm Scenes